Social Responsibility | Canned Food & Beverage OEM Manufacturer for Over 30 Years | First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd.

Cleaning up the environment around the factory. | FCF is a BRC certified professional beverage manufacturer and agriculture processing expert.

Cleaning up the environment around the factory.

Social Responsibility

Treat kindly the Earth is to treat kindly oneself.

First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd. is a canned beverage and canned food manufacturer dedicated to providing customers with beverage raw materials and ingredients and finished products.
We provide our customers with both co-packer service and private label service.
We also believe Sustainability, respect for the environment is vital to the beverage industry, therefore, we do our best to protect the environment continuously.
Customers can succeed in their food and beverage businesses and grow with us.

We Built the Sewage Treatment System

The food industry and the natural environment have a close connection whereby the supply of raw materials is used to produce canned products. The production of canned food involves a great volume of materials; therefore, the potential impact on the environment is considerable. Mr. Chen, the founder of FCF, was aware of this problem, so he built the sewage treatment system in the factory and recycle the water for other uses. This is the first factory in Thailand that obtains such system.

We Clean the Environment

Every year, even in pandemic season, FCF holds activity to clean up environment around the factory. To keep the environment clean and encourage civils nearby to care more about the earth. (In pandemic times, we offer masks, gloves and garbage collector to prevent our employees from infecting Covid-19.)

We Provide Scholarship Awards to Schools in Thailand

FCF has been providing scholarships to students in Thailand for over 10 years. We believe that supporting the youth responsible for the next generation is especially important to enhance the communities. In 2021, the Scholarships Granting Ceremony was held at Saithamchan School as usual. FCF believes that education is important and necessary to students in need. We are and we will keep doing our best to encourage students to study and let students enjoy gaining knowledge.


Social Responsibility - Canned Food & Beverage OEM Manufacturer for Over 30 Years | First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd.

Based in Thailand since 1988, First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd. has been a canned food and canned beverage manufacturer. Their main services, including canned beverage, wholesale coffee bean packaging, health supplement wholesale private label, aloe vera, canned coconut milk drink, coffee beans, herbal beverage OEM/ODM and supplement drinks, which are served with ISO, GMP, HACCP, BRC, HALAL and FDA registered certifications.

Professional beverage manufacturer, agriculture processing expert. FCF which has own factory and field in Thailand has been engaged in exporting and processing OEM products for over 30 years. Besides, "Miramar", "KULA" and "Lord Duke" are our own brand. Not only we produce Aloe Vera and Coconut series, but also actively develop Mangosteen, Hibiscus, Tamarind concentrated, various Fruit Juice, Canned Syrup and Sweets.

FCF has been offering customers high-quality canned food and canned beverage, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, FCF ensures each customer's demands are met.